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MNGT 5590
Integrative Paper: Comparing and contrasting the concepts of IKM and Kotter

1. Stage one: Establishing a Sense of Urgency in our fast paced world, things and environments change rapidly. In order to meet the needs and demands of an ever changing marketplace, organizations also need to change and adapt very quickly. With success hinging on the ability of the institution to analyze, predict and adjust in order to meet the market demands and successfully cope with rapidity of change (IKM, pg 7) "establishing a sense of urgency" as explained by Kotter would be critical (Leading Change, pg 35). To influence anyone or any organization to move towards any type of behavior requires the three critical factors of direction,
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The example of Southwest Airlines and the success of founder, Herb Kelleher illustrates how leadership being involved in all aspects of the organization and leading by example can drive an organization to very high levels while the example of the California Electronics firm, though it appeared they were doing everything right failed miserably and eventually went bankrupt (IKM, pgs 38-40). I believe the two types of individuals Kotter speaks of as killers of successful change are not unlike many we have all worked with and around. While Kotter does a great job of bringing to light something we probably all knew but had never really defined, Buss is bold enough to borderline categorize these actions as misbehavior (IKM, pg 208). I have worked around many as Kotter described, "snakes and big egos" and as I think about the outright damage caused by these personality types Kotter could have gone farther in his assessment but he does advocate dealing with the problem at an early stage vs. being relegated to "curse ourselves later for not dealing with the issue" (Leading Change, pg 61). Based on my own personal observations while the "snake" is busy spreading rumors, talking behind backs and perpetuating mistrust after the damage is done, the "big ego" loves to constantly withhold valuable information cause crisis situations and fly in to save the day. In efforts to build strong teams both texts discuss the need

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