International Advertising : Theory And Approach

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International Advertising: Theory & Approach
International advertising is becoming more complex due to the varieties in both the theoretical approach and application. is a complex concept that varies drastically in both theoretical approach and application. The emerging global consumer culture is affecting international marketing theories and in return, international promotional mix decisions. American culture is dominating the global markets due to the use and application of international advertising by American companies. In order to appreciate the differences in international advertising from the approaches of various countries, it is important to first understand the aspects of the different approaches they utilize. The following is a discussion on the ongoing debate between the different approaches to international marketing and the issues related to standardization and adaptation, as well as an analysis of promotional variations that stem from the growing global consumer culture.
Standardization versus Adaptation
There is a continual disagreement within the realms of international advertising about how best to approach the subject. This disagreement is between the standardization of products and services along with the pursuit of a consistent 2 marketing strategy, and the adaptation of marketing strategies on a more consumer-focused basis. The debate of standardization versus adaptation regards the relevancy of theses issues to the various elements of the
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