International Barriers to E-commerce Essay

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International Barriers to E-commerce
Aravind Alluri

In the recent years, the internet has been known for an impressive evolution, having a major impact on all aspects of life esp., e-commerce (EC). This paper mainly explains the EC and also identifies the various international barriers to e-commerce and they can be evaluated for EC success.
E-commerce is a combination of three different areas of study, namely technology, business and law/policy. EC is a kind of electronic medium for trading in goods and services. It is considered as exchanges between individuals/organizations channeled through technology, supported by electronic means. Worldwide business growth of the Internet and the
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b. Integration of Legacy Systems:
The actual issue is to integrate EDI transactions into legacy mainframe systems. Even though some have the updated high end systems, they don’t give much flexibility to integrate. This might not be a severe issue in some countries which have upgraded systems and give some flexibility.

c. Language:
Support for national languages in IT industry is necessary for true GEC. There should be language specific standards especially in EDI to resolve this issue. Every firm has to look for internationalizing their EC website i.e. language specific basing on the language in that country.
d. Security:
Unsecured transmission on the internet is quoted as the main deterrent for rapid growth of GEC. Although the security has been improved in recent years but still it’s a risk for commercial transactions. Globally many think that Internet is widely insecure esp. financial payment transactions. Security technologies such as pretty good privacy (PGP) are instantly available to use as a plugin to a web browser for enabling the secure environment for commercial transactions. The reinforcement of a secure internet payment method is crucial for the development of GEC.

2. Cultural Barriers
In some countries esp. India, trade/business will be done face to face. They prefer to shop their needs by personally going to the local merchants rather than shopping online. Attracting the

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