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Krom Bop-A-Lee’s experience in Bombay, India is undoubtedly a common one for those from First World countries unaccustomed to the relatively poor working conditions present in many parts of the world. As Westerners, many luxuries are taken for granted, and the absence of these luxuries can have a profound impact on one’s moral and ethical foundation.
The Problem Within This Situation
It is this impact upon Krom Bop-A-Lee’s psyche which serves as the primary problem in this particular situation. Krom Bop-A-Lee’s company should be proud to have her representing it; too often liaisons on international business trips of this nature are content to accept the overwhelming hospitality of their hosts and choose to ignore the goings-on “behind
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A secondary cause comes from Krom Bop-A-Lee’s firm. Any corporation that conducts business with Third World countries and sends representatives to these countries should not eschew its obligation to inform its employees of the relatively poor conditions inherent in its suppliers’ factories and workshops. In other words, Krom Bop-A-Lee should not have been taken off guard by the conditions upon her visit.

The underlying causes of this issue, then, can be framed from both an individual’s perspective (in this case, Krom Bop-A-Lee’s) as well as the organization’s perspective. In addressing this problem, it is important to consider each of these perspectives in and of themselves, and develop a course of action which accomplishes two primary goals: (1) to foster a better understanding of the conditions in locales such as Bombay that derives from a pragmatic approach, rather than a relativistic, abstract one and (2) to develop procedures within the organization that act to better inform its buyers of what to expect on soirees such as the one undertaken by Krom Bop-A-Lee and those like her.
The Plan of Action for Addressing the Issue at Hand
As mentioned above, the primary objectives of this plan are to address and alleviate potential ethical concerns through pragmatic approaches and to develop a strategy whereby the company can better inform its international travelers and temper their expectations.
In order
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