International Business Strategy for Apple

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International Business Strategy II 1. Liu Shu 6509037 Introduction Google and Apple are giants in technology industry. These two companies provide innovate products or service and have unique organizational structure and culture. Under the increasing pressure of cost reduction and local responsiveness caused by globalization development, both Google and Apple are transforming into transnational organizations. This report will critically evaluate the comparative transnational effectiveness of Google and Apple in terms of motivation means and mentalities, layers of competitiveness, across boundaries management and corporation social responsiveness (CSR). 2. Motivations…show more content…
However, Google slightly changed their services and strategies to satisfy the different demands of nations. Apple, on the other hand, has less pressure on local responsiveness for providing the standardized products to customers in nations. Recently, both Google and Apple reached transnational mentality for meeting local needs as well as maintaining competitive advantages. Figure 4 3. Layers of Competence According to Bartlett & Beamish (2014), there are three strategic goals that transnational firms should pursue for, global scale efficiency, multinational flexibility and responsiveness, and worldwide innovation and learning. 3.1 Efficiency Overall efficiency can be generally regarded as the ratio of the value of outputs and inputs. The enhancement of efficiency could be achieved by generating higher revenues and reducing 3 International Business Strategy II Liu Shu 6509037 costs through exploiting differences in sourcing and market potential across countries, the economies of scale and scope. 3.1.1 National Differences A firm can gain cost advantages by utilizing variances in sourcing and market potential globally. Apple exploits opportunities in the global market. For example, Apple put China on its first
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