International Human Resource Management Essay

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According to the definition provided by the academia education web portal, human resource management has replaced personnel management over the time period and it consist of various strategies, policies and processes. International Human Resource Management (IHRM) is a “Process of employing, developing and rewarding people in international or global organizations”.
Types of organizations
While concentrating on the IHRM in the vast developing economic nature, it is highly important to know the difference about the various types of organizations. The global companies are the ones which present in many countries by investing, and in the same time they market their products through the use of same coordinated image/brand in all markets. The specialty is that there is one corporate office that is responsible for global strategy who concentrates on volume, cost management and efficiency. While the international companies are the importers and exporters and they do not invest outside their country of origin. The transnational companies consist of similar features, they invest in other countries, they have one central corporate facility, but they hand over their decision making, research and development activities and marketing powers to each individual overseas market. Multinational companies more focus on developing unique products and services to each individual foreign market which will be matched to their culture and the economy. (Lee Iwan web portal)

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