Internet Marketing Plan Essay

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The first action to perform here is the situation analysis, starting with the current appearance of the site and their efforts towards marketing. Pure France's site is a first wave website (brochureware) therefore does not allow much customer interaction. The user can book a property, but there are no customer reviews. Some sections are not updated or 'in construction', such as the 'Season lets' or the 'Airport transfers'. This might look a minor detail but an outdated website diminishes the credibility and trust that potential customers would put on it. Pure France looks for a more tailored approach as their target is a niche audience, therefore their site should offer more customer interaction possibilities such as reviews, in order to create long-term relations with their clients. Following this topic, their current presence in social media is a disaster: no Facebook page nor Twitter account, not to speak about Instagram, Pinterest or others. Social media is the main tool that companies use to create awareness about their products/services, specially SMEs which have less access to above-the-line marketing budgets. The presence of a newsletter would help, but there is no trace of it. Whoever reading this might think the reason for this is due to poor dedication to customers. Nonetheless, their speed of reply to email enquiries is as fast as anyone can expect, showing commitment and dedication. I sent an email the
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