Interpersonal Communication Essay

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Our world is a mixture of a diverse range of people whom live together, work together, and play together. In our individual lives, we need each other for reassurance, relief, companionship, and affection. In our working lives, we need each other to hold ourselves accountable and to accomplish our goals. However, without communication, we could not achieve any of this. Communication allows us to vocalize our needs, wants, ideas, and our feelings so that we may better position ourselves for success and happiness. The more effective we are at communicating, the more effective we are at reaching our goals. This is especially true in the real estate industry, as it is an old-school business model where interpersonal communication is the…show more content…
When being out of the office and juggling many things at once, it is very difficult for a team member to recall every detail of every conversation of the day. For that reason, it is best to utilize both verbal and written platforms to ensure that critical information is effectively and clearly communicated. Having things put in writing allows for a great record of what things were said, whereas information verbally exchanged can easily be forgotten. However, verbal communication allows for quick back and forth between colleagues and immediate opportunity to collaborate, whereas the process is much slower through written platforms. Both platforms together make a team more successful and powerful. The communication between a real estate professional and client poses some challenges that could make or break a deal. Such challenges include: creating personal relationships, honest communication, building trust, timely follow-up, and candid communication. Clients want to feel heard and trust that their wants and needs are being met. To ensure this, a real estate professional must make themselves available at all hours of every day to their clients, and they must maintain
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