Seven Elements Of Interpersonal Skills In The Work Place

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Answer # 1:

Interpersonal skills in the work place ensure our success and help us to have a positive working environment. Strong interpersonal skill helps us to build good connection with our staff and at the same time our staff needs assertion, assuring them that we value their skills and abilities and also we will be able to communicate, negotiate with each other, make decisions analyze situations and come up with practiced solution in order to achieve organization goals effectively and efficiently. Effective interpersonal skills help us to keep our job without risk of getting fired for our inability to work well with others. Interpersonal skill for a successful manager is natural it means that they have the ability to read understand the
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It talks about humans behavior, how influence others, perceive and relation.
• Anthropology: study society in order to know about humans and their behavior

Answer # 3:

Seven Elements for designing an organization’s structure:

1. To what level activities are divided into separate jobs?
According to the work specialization which means the division of labor into separate activities, duplication of work, training for specialization and increasing efficiency with invention. It helps managers to take complex tasks and separate them into smaller that individual’s workers can complete it on time. Each employee should be trained to become specialized in the field to perform tasks effectively. It’s most useful for manufacturing companies.

2. On what basis jobs will be grouped together?
Grouping jobs together means that we are coordinating the common tasks by type of product or services, customers, geographical aspects, functions performed within an organization and the different process of product we classify our jobs.

3. To whom individuals and groups
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