Interpersonal Intelligence : An Effective Manager

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Interpersonal Intelligence, the ability to understand, read and empathize with others, is a key skill in being an effective manager. Knowing your communication style, understanding metacommunication, visual kinesic and vocal kinesic communication components, knowing the difference between good and bad communication elements, and understanding roles and procedures for effective group and team building are essential elements of Interpersonal Intelligence. #1 Completing the Communication Style Self-Assessment showed I scored highest in assertive, and I had scored equally under aggressive and passive. I am 52 years of age, and have a pretty good understanding of how I interact in a work environment, so I really didn 't learn anything new. In applying these results to the Johari Window, I believe my results would fall into window #1, the "Free" area, as I tend to act as I feel, not hiding or manipulating my beliefs or feeling. I find it exhausting to play politics, to behave differently with different people, depending upon circumstance. I live by the decree of "What you see is what you get", even though I know other people move through life always trying to manipulate people and events to their advantage, I simply don 't care enough about getting the advantage over others to play that game. As to my weaknesses, I believe my inexperience in being political, in working relationships to my advantage, within the degree of acceptable norms, is my biggest weakness. To be an
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