Intouch Contact Center, An Award Winning Call Centre Essay

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24-7 Intouch Contact Centre
24-7 Intouch is an award-winning call centre which only started as a small telephone services company. It was started by Greg Fettes, who is the Chief Executive Officer and President of the company alongside Jeff Fettes, who is the Chief Operating Officer they have both been in this business for over 15 years now. The role of this company is to provide small, midsize and enterprise businesses with services such as, customer service, live chats, sales, order placing, emails, emergency and direct response, live receptionist, help desk, agents, alongside many other different services. A few examples of the companies that 24-7 Intouch works with are; Lyft which is a transportation network company, Sephora a cosmetics store company, Le Chateau a fashion company and True-blue an onsite workforce management company. As mentioned earlier, these are only a few of the many companies that it works with. Its branches are in Canada, the United States, Guatemala and it is currently opening a branch in the Philippines.
As a contact centre, its goal is to always provide a solution that gives its customers a tremendously positive experience and also employing its technological infrastructure to improve its efficiency all the time. It is constantly changing as they are always looking for way to get better and better, which is why they have the saying “Learn, unlearn” because at one point you will have to learn something and then on the next point you will be

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