Introduction to Information System

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CIS 170 Introduction to Information System
Chapter 2 Case Study 1 1. By changing the way his group talks about IT investments, CIO Tim Schaefer is trying to change the way the rest of the company sees IT. Why do you think this is necessary? What would be the prevailing mindset about IT in his company, such that he needs to do something about it? Provide some examples of how IT may be regarded in this organization. There has been a adequate IT resources available in the Schaefer's company, however those resources were never being considered as a strategic partners in the business as a whole. Schaefer and his leadership made deliberate choice of not to rename the IT department and it might sound …show more content…

where the impact consideration takes into account the cultural, training and managerial factors which are the key components to lead to the final output and benefits. If there is no right tuning to either implementation or impact there is definitely existence of the potential risk in the execution of the project. It requires tacit knowledge which resides in workers. Tacit knowledge represent many most important things about the organization... Employees who have been working since long time with the company are the key players behind the success of the project as they know the culture of the company and have been equipped with the relative experience about how to operate a specific machines, systems and standard operating procedures. Risk level associated with the investments into IT resources are uncertain and could lead to either direction in terms of final outcome of the over all project. Single error or undervaluing and particular aspect of the IT could lead to huge failure which might hurt the organization very badly. Making investment into IT requires precise valuation of the available resources and consideration of the potential risk associated with the success or failure of that specific project. IT involves both machines (which can be both hardware and software) and manpower in order to run those machines. In order to operate and implement the IT strategies the organization requires highly skilled

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