Iris Based Attendance System : Biometric Authentication

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Iris Based Attendance System Introduction: Biometric authentication is the process of verifying an individual based on behavioral and physiological characteristics. Iris recognition verification is one of the most reliable personal identification methods in biometrics. In the beginning, the idea of using iris patterns for personal identification was originally proposed in 1936 by ophthalmologist Frank Burch. By the 1980 's the idea had appeared in James Bond films, but it still remained science fiction and conjecture. As biometric of human for identification purpose which cannot be stolen or lost. From the biometric system there exist different types of biometric such as thumb recognition, palm recognition, face recognition and iris recognition etc. Amongst which the iris is more preferred. The reason for the popularity of iris recognition verifying is the uniqueness, stability, permanency and easily taking. Iris recognition system is highly protected and stable that results in a single enrolment for the lifetime. The unique pattern on the surface of the iris is formed during the first year of life. Formation of the unique patterns of the iris is random and not related to any genetic factors. The only characteristic that is dependent on genetics is the pigmentation of the iris, which determines its color. Due to the epigenetic nature of iris patterns, the two eyes of an individual contain completely independent iris patterns, and identical twins possess
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