Is Breastfeeding A Growing Child?

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The importance of nutrition of a newborn or a growing infant draw many strong opinions from friends and family, overall the decision should be left up the mother. Breast milk is the ideal method to feed a growing child, which provides the necessary nutrients as vitamins, proteins, fats, as well as antibodies that helps the baby fight off bacteria and viruses. There are benefits that come from breastfeeding that would a child won’t receive from formula mixtures besides been more soluble for the baby to easily take in. The purpose of this proposal is to examine how beneficial is breastfeeding in a growing child when mothers make the decision to stray from the norm of short period breastfeeding of 3 months to a year.

Perspective on Prolong Breastfeeding over 3 months
In an historical perspective according to (Piovanetti 2001), The U.S. census of 1900-1910 showed that breastfed children had a 40% lower mortality rate than formula fed babies. The first half of the twentieth century saw declines in breastfeeding in the industrialized world and very little research concerning human milk. By 1950 pediatricians recommended introducing vegetables to the diet at four months, while the advent of commercial interests and the modern professional advice led to a decreased rate and shortened duration of breastfeeding in the twentieth century. Anthropologically, primates have a longer period of maternal dependence, which correlates with the full maturation
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