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JESS WESTERLEY AT KAUFLAUF GMBH A case analysis Submitted to Prof. Ranjeet Nambudiri Organization Change and Developement Term IV SECTION A - GROUP 2 Ankita Satija 2012PGP046 Kapoor Parth Sunil 2012PGP153 Kavya Amarnath 2012PGP163 Khurana Sonika Jagmohan 2012PGP167 Siddharth Singhal 2012PGP362 Sonakshi Behl 2012PGP366 Swati Verma 2012PGP395 Vivian Paul Gonsalves 2012PGP445 Alok Kumar 2012PGPM002 22ND JUNE, 2013 BACKGROUND Business model: Kauflauf GmbH was founded in 2002. First European organisation to offer _' software as a service'_ The product portfolio included Customer Relationship Management and ERP software for - Auto Parts, Computer/ Office Supplies and Medical Devices companies Product owners worked with…show more content…
WHY IT FAILED - THE RESISTANCE TO CHANGE 1. An organization-level change requires the change agent to clearly communicate the vision ahead to those being most impacted by the change. Jess Westerley did not speak to RSDs and consultants before sending out the memo to implement the changes. 2. Change requires the agent to form a core group of people who buy into his/her idea and begin the change process. Jess did not explain why there was a need for change, even though there were no changes in the company's external environment. Internally, it seemed that all was well too. Hence, the field consultants felt that she was intruding into their work schedule. To them, it appeared that she was interfering with their work-patterns though she had no idea of how things actually worked. 3. Jess did not understand the challenges faced by consultants at different levels of experience - She did not seek the consultants' opinion which could have contributed to the change. The issues that came to light when Jess sent out the memo were : Consultants felt that this proposal was not for


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