Jamie Turner Case

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Case 2: Jamie Turner at MLI, Inc Hilary Kuykendall Ya Liang 1. How did Turner get himself into this predicament? What is going on for Cardullo? Many reasons contribute to the situation Turner’s currently in, first of all being his abrupt decision of taking the job. The job offer by MLI is very appealing, though, Turner isn’t thinking thoroughly about whether or not he is capable of doing industrial marketing,which is different from what he really likes and is expert in. Making a pros/cons list like the chart below is a great way to evaluate if you will be successful in a new position [4]. The risk is even higher as MLI is struggling…show more content…
Cardullo believes in the very opposite of “ praise in public, censure in private”. The public rebuttals are making business issues personal, and Turner is not comfortable with it. The upper management should be at least seemingly united and resolve issues in private, especially during the unstable period, otherwise some employees would take advantage of it and act on their own interest, such as Julie Chin. She is now teaming up with Cardullo against Turner and worsening the relationship. Generally, the soured relationship between Turner and his boss truly results from the lack of communication. Cardullo is spending too much time at San Diego Office and lacks patience of affairs in MLI. Cardullo’s undermining Turner’s performance irrespective of external environment change and his accusing of Turner’s team leaking sensitive information are jeopardizing mutual trust. His meek response towards Turner’s generator plan and his questioning Turner’s decision making ability concerning the bulb sales are melting Turner’s loyalty and enthusiasm. 2. What did Pat Cardullo and Jamie Turner each initially bring to the situation at MLI that would seem to ensure success? Failure? Pat Cardullo and Jamie Turner come from different company cultural background and have different management style. Jamie Turner has a good educational background and rich experience in marketing. He’s intelligent, dynamic and willing to accept challenges, which is exactly

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