Job Analysis : An Hr Manager Of The Retail Company

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Recruitment is one of the critical functions of an organization; therefore, it requires massive financial and managerial efforts to access a right person. For an efficient and accurate recruiting, job analysis is ameliorated, however, very few HR managers and personnel are aware of the importance as well as the approaches to analyzing a job position to create a pool of right candidates. In fact, job analysis is the building block of the assessment of the potential candidates to make proper decisions regarding final selection. Job analysis is known as a process of identifying, collecting, describing, analyzing, and reporting critical information about the requirements of a job position (Torrington, 2009). Being an HR manager of the retail …show more content…

Task-oriented job analysis provides clear criteria to the candidates regarding their skills and abilities (Torrington, 2009). Pros: It helps a candidate in understanding the functions as well as the basic salary and compensation of the job. Thus, the employer may get only potential candidates. Cons: Tough criteria may limit the flow of individual skillful candidates, especially those who have a vast working experience in the relevant position. Functional job analysis provides a detailed analysis of the tasks that are expected to at the workplace. It identifies work dimensions like data, equipment, people, and human performance domains including cognitive skills, psychomotor abilities, and critical thinking abilities, etc. The technique is appropriate to use to analyze the performance of workers at work because it creates a relationship between the output of an employee with the unique goals and objectives of the organization regarding a job position (Torrington, 2009). Pros: Provide a clear understanding of the job to a candidate as well as help an owner in creating single assessment areas to evaluate the performance. Cons: Could make fresh and competent graduates reluctant to apply to a job due to lack of understanding. Recommended Job Analysis Approach Task-Oriented job analysis approach is recommended

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