Job Description: XYZ Berhad

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Job Description • Activities involved are clearly identified. XYZ Berhad has highlighted all the key descriptions of the job such as developing relationship with prospective customers, expands business with existing customers by promoting new products, and maintaining good rapport with customers by providing all the support they need etc, which are meant to meet the ultimate goal of the job i.e. to achieve the individual and team sales target (KPI) set by the organization. Job applicants would have to ensure that they are comfortable with these duties and responsibilities and able to execute and complete them, before applying for the job. To help employees execute the job, the job description requires that they fully equipped themselves with …show more content…

For the discerning, XYZ is willing to provide learning and career development opportunities as it believes strongly that having the right talents is key to sustainable growth. Being part of its team also means having the opportunity to work with a group of very experienced and innovative people and to learn from one another. iv. XYZ also claims that it is financially strong and fast growing. The company’s passion for innovation and excellence has propelled XYZ to become the world’s most profitable glove manufacturer of today. Its ambitious Next Generation Glove Manufacturing Complex (NGC) project costing RM2.2 billion will create plenty of career development and growth opportunities for those who perform well. With its strong financials also, the company has promised to continue giving job security and rewards to its employees especially for innovativeness, but of course the employees must work hard to maintain these perks. v. Working in XYZ is not just about being part of a collective group that abides to organizational values, norms and interests to get jobs done. It is also about giving a proper ‘work-life’ balance to its employees to identify themselves with their outside roles such as religious affiliations, sports, charity works and parental/caretaker roles etc. E.g. XYZ provides gym facility at its various manufacturing plants to benefit those who are into fitness, education support for the employees who want to improve themselves in terms of education and involvement in society events and

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