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The Two Leaders’ Strategy of Managing the Operation


The case study of this paper highlighted between long-serving independent manager and newly-appointed manager (a kin of the company owner) with both having different motivation techniques and its leadership styles and powers. The role of two key leaders makes difference of the theories being used in motivation and leadership theories. The motivation theories being used in this case study will focus based on two different categories of motivation (Robbins, 2009) - the content theory and process theory. Among the four leadership approaches (trait-spotting, style-counselling, contingency and new leadership), the paper will discuss trait-spotting approach applied in
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The problem arises when the newly-appointed manager leads the operation in the organization. The following discussion will illustrate new and existing changes occurred through motivation and leadership behaviour and style of the two managers.

What is Motivation? Why do people eager to work everyday and spend almost whole day in the office? What helps them to motivate in difficult tasks assigned? Is there proper motivation practice that seeks encouragement to support and fulfil the organization mission? And why some people perform better on work compared to others? These are the questions that trigger the implication and importance of motivation in daily living especially at working circumstances and situations.

Motivation… “as the processes that account for an individual’s intensity, direction, and persistence of effort toward attaining a goal.” (Robbins, 2009, 144).

Frey and Osterloh’s (2002) definition of motivation consists of two approaches: extrinsic (which based on satisfaction of indirect or instrumental needs eg. money, paying for vacation leave, provide car for transportation etc) and intrinsic motivation (based on the activity and experience enjoyment which correspond to as direct need in its own right).

Kroon (1995:32) provides the definition of motivation as “….is what causes, channels and maintains human behaviour” (Cheminais et al, 1998, 154).

Motivation is the one

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