Junior Members Qualifications Is Critical To The Success Of Sector NY

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Emphasis on Junior Members Qualifications is Critical to the Success of Sector NY To help aid the senior staff members, we must begin to develop our junior members to obtain the qualifications necessary to perform the field missions which Sector NY is responsible. With our senior staff members in being qualified and with our junior members in not being qualified, it overcomplicates the performance duties of the senior staff, which are not able to concentrate on their administrative duties. By enabling our junior member staff to seek out qualifications on their own, it will greatly help alleviate an already overburden workload for the senior staff members. This way the senior staff members will be better able to function in their expected duties required of their position over their junior members.…show more content…
When a senior staff member is being tasked to perform both administrative duties and field operations, their junior members learn not only to rely on their senior members but they also do not learn the success necessary of which is provided through the qualification process. In allowing the junior member to partake in the qualification process, they not only become a vital contributor to the overall missions that Sector NY needs to accomplish, they also become a more reliable junior member for the senior staff members. Also, if a junior member strives to achieve a senior leadership position, it also becomes evident that this type of growth experience needs to be gained by the junior members through the qualification
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