Karen Robinsonilm Level 3. Understanding The Induction

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Karen Robinson ILM Level 3 Understanding the induction of new staff in the workplace 13 November 2016 1. Understand the induction process 1.1 Explain the importance of effective induction Induction training is an introduction for new starters in order to enable them to do their work in a new job role within an organization. The importance of an effective induction is imperative to both employee and employer .For a new employee induction in the workplace is often the first impression of the organisation so will have a significant impact of the integration for the individual, team and also job satisfaction. An effective induction reduces anxiety, nervousness, and absenteeism and em¬ployee turnover. It also helps minimize the reality…show more content…
(This shows a good impression to the new starter) Day 1; Manager Welcome’s new starter, introduction of immediate team. Basic tour of the immediate work area / basic facilities such as w/c, kitchen. Issue ID badge. Signing in and out procedure / fire evacuation/first aider/accidents procedure. Discussion regarding working practice (start times / homes times etc.) IT Practices. It’s important not to overload on the first day and the new starter will not be able to take everything in and will be nervous. Week 1; explain a full who’s who, how the organisation works, its rules, work, the new employee’s role and how they fit in. Explain how performance is assessed and let them try some tasks. Regular interaction with the manager. Month 1; Regular one to ones with manager to establish if settling in. Coaching and further mentoring identified. Give feedback at Probationary interview. Ideal time for the corporate induction. Month 3; check performance, give feedback and identify and training needs. Month 6; decide if a probationary employee is to be kept on, fairly dismissed or offered extended probation where the contract permits. Review their performance and establish goals for the next six months Annual review; performance management review. Ask for feedback on their induction process and record on the HR system. 1.3 Describe which legal aspects should be included in an organisations induction process The following legal
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