Katz Theory of Management

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Critically evaluate the relevance of the three skills identified by Katz to the work of first-line managers. Provide evidence, theoretical analysis and refer to academic journals to support your essay discussion. In a constantly evolving business environment, it’s no surprise that the job of a first line manager has changed. As such this essay will be covering 3 main aspects. Firstly, it will identify the work of the first line manager followed by Katz’s 3 skills and their relevance and lastly, whether other skills are applicable to the work of the first line managers. Managers are defined as people who coordinate and oversee the work of other people so that organisational goals can be accomplished (Robbins, Bergman, Stagg and Coulter,…show more content…
He must be able to communicate with the employees to make them feel like an integral part of the organisation where their opinions and views matter. Katz (1974) does this by encouraging workers to participate in the planning and carrying out of those things that directly affect them. By involving the employees, they would feel more motivated to work for the company and thus worker productivity increases, resulting in faster attainment of production goals. By being sensitive to the needs and motivations of the employees (Katz 1974), employees will not be afraid to voice their opinions and problems they face to them. By ensuring that there is a good relationship that is maintained between him and his workers, feedbacks can be gathered from either side, contributing to a better working environment and hence, more efficiency and productivity. For instance, employee’s opinions regarding to work-related issues can be brought up to the supervisor with no hesitation. Like wise, first line managers can also respond via criticising product quality, progress of the work and yet instill work discipline among the employees. First line managers also act as the link between employees and the higher management, as (Kraut, Pedigo, McKenna & Dunnettenn, 1989) state that they provide information on the work progress of the area of production to the higher level managers who depend on it. Middle managers need constant feedback on the

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