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Kenneth Hathaway, There are many articles that discuss the positive traits associated with effective leadership and the positive outcome effective leader can have on an organization. I would add to your discussion that no matter which leadership style uses a leader need to be equipped with the tools to effectively communicate unpopular changes or strategies to its follower without disengaging employees. According to Bies (2013) delivery of bad news is a multistep process with three stages: preparation, delivery and transition. The keys is move through the phases in a way that leaves the receiver “with a more positive view of the news, less anger and blame, a greater sense of fairness, and higher approval of the person delivering the news”…show more content…
(2013). The delivery of bad news in organizations: A framework for analysis. Journal of Management. 39(1). DOI: 10.1177/0149206312461053

Kryder, L. (2003). A better way to deliver bad news. Technical Communication, 50(1), 118. Retrieved from

Benny Byers, Empathy is an important basic human trait that forms emotional intelligence in the field; occupational therapy. This makes sense because occupational therapy is a client-centered practice. It is important to be able to actively listen to the client. And empathy is important in developing active listening skills. Empathic listening improves mutual understanding and trust. You are able to receive and accurately interpret of your follower concerns and then provide an appropriate response. This is important because a leader is often focused on commanding and directing communications. But when using empathy forms emotional intelligence, we effectively process and remember what others are saying. We are then able to support our response summarize points of the conversation. This process allows your follower to know their time and information id being received and valued and creates an environment that is conducive to collaborative. Maund (2012) notes that “Effective managers have a transformational management style;
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Their behaviors are model by followers. While Transactional leaders establish transparent and fair communication style, which build loyalty among follower. Loyal followers are cooperative, friendly, altruistic and empathic, but also obedient and submissive to some extent. You states in your discussion the correlation between seeking gainful employment and wanting to be valued and appreciated for the skills and expertise you bring to this particular organization. The authors agree when leader model the following behaviors; “establishing clear and transparent communication with followers, conducting themselves according to high ethical standards” they create loyalty follower which in turn, increase the retention
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