Kentucky Fried Chicken By KFC

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There are several problems arisen at Kentucky Fried Chicken (KFC) due to the workplace issues such as discrimination, safety and unfair payment of wages. These key issues lead to a great impact to their internal stakeholder especially to their employees. The employees, who inside the firm to contribute their effort and skills. Business must protect their workers in order the company to survive in long term. Therefore, there are some several responses carried out by the company to deal with the workplace issues in order to achieve employee’s satisfactions, increase employee’s morale and also improves the relationship with employees to became better. There are some rights for employees such as right to have equal employment opportunity, right to have a safe and healthy workplace and right to treat with respect and fairly.
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More than 700 of their employees and workers are being involved and entitled to recover their underpaid amount from that $375,000. Hiren Patel, the owner of KFC Corporation franchisee Divine Investors, has purchased another 27 KFC in different location around New York after the investigation began. Those 27 KFC will be subjected to future compliance requirements of the settlements. However, regarding the case that paid for shift supervisor is less than the cook, KFC has not explain or give any response about this issue. It shows that the company intend to ignore the issue. Thus, from my perspective of view, KFC should carry out some investigation and clarify about this issue to show their appreciation to the hard works of their workers. Besides, KFC should make some changes and arrangements so that the wages and salaries for their employees being fairly allocated in order to make sure employees feel that everyone is the same and they are being fairly

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