Kinetic Energy Research Paper

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Energy is what we need to accomplish physical actions such as walking, lifting a glass, heating water, or powering a TV (nmsea). You use energy for everything. Energy can always be conserved; you cannot create nor destroy energy. Something you can do with energy is you can transfer energy between objects (livescience). Energy can come in different forms. The two most common different forms are potential and kinetic energy. Kinetic energy is the energy of motion, some examples of that include downhill motion of a roller coaster cart, rolling a bowling ball, and the motion of a bike. Kinetic energy has two other types of kinetic energy, thermal/heat energy and sound waves. Thermal and heat energy is energy that comes from heat when particles…show more content…
They base it up, of the measurement of heat, which could be generated (exothermic), consumed (endothermic), or simply dissipate (science). The two basic types of Calorimetry are measurements based on constant pressure and then measurements based on constant volume. They have made a bomb Calorimetry. A calorimeter is the object measuring the heat transferred to or from an object (physics classroom). They have made a bomb Calorimetry; they mainly use them in the bigger labs. It has nothing to do with a bomb, the mainly fill the chamber with oxygen gas and the fuel. A wire is put in the system to electrically ignite the contents to perform the study. A jacket of water and a thermometer surrounds the reaction chamber, the heat released the chamber warms the water, letting the people doing the lab determine the energy that is being released (physics classroom). Another type of calorimeter is the coffee cup calorimeter. They take a Styrofoam cup with a lid. The cup is half way filled with water and a thermometer through the lid. When the reaction occurs in the cup, the heat will be absorbed but the water. The temperature will start to warm up (about). That is some history about Calorimetry, concept of energy, laws of thermodynamics, and types of
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