LTE technology Essay

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Maria Jane Valerie L. Delacruz Mrs. Tabada
Mary Rose Espana
Jeanna Mae A. Astano

1. Introduction
This paper provides an overview of Long Term Evolution (LTE) and Worldwide Interoperability for Microwave Access (WiMAX)—the leading technologies for next-generation mobile broadband. The information presented here will help readers understand how the two technologies differ, why Verizon Wireless chose LTE, and what advantages LTE offers customers. The following executive summary gives a quick overview of the paper’s contents and its subject matter. The remaining sections go into greater technical detail about LTE and WiMAX wireless technologies. …show more content…

Finally, we give practical recommendations of how using the proposed combined LTE/MIMO Network with a Multi-beam antenna system will increase the system's capacity. This will allow the designers of wireless networks to obtain maximum data rate, better channel spectral efficiency and less bit error rate, and as a result, much better service and transmission performances.
1.2 Theoretical and Conceptual Framework
Driving the evolution of wireless broadband technology is customers’ increasing expectations for speed, bandwidth, and global access. Customers want more information, such as business and consumer applications, and entertainment available through their mobile devices, but with greater speeds. For wireless carriers to achieve greater speeds and pervasive connectedness, their networks need to start behaving more like landline IP-based networks. This line of thinking represents a fundamental shift in perspective—from mobile services to broadband connections—for customers and service providers alike. Enter the fourth generation (4G) wireless network. Unlike earlier wireless standards, 4G technology is based on TCP/IP, the core protocol of the Internet. TCP/IP enables wireless networks to deliver higher-level services, such as video and multimedia, while supporting the devices and applications of the future. Verizon Wireless chose LTE over WiMAX as the technological foundation for its 4G wireless broadband

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