Lactation Case Study

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The introduction of lactation programs by companies also protects mothers from contracting ailments associated with the failure to administer to the children milk. The typical diseases related to the act are breast and ovarian cancer. According to León-Cava, Lutter, Ross, & Martin (2002), the process enables the mother to respond to body’s physiological needs since suppressing the milk risk the wellness of the mothers. The natural response of the body dictates that one must express the milk at specific intervals. Therefore, in a context where the mothers lack the privilege to feed the child appropriately, the party confronts the risk of developing diseases associated with the inability to respond to natural body impulses. At times, …show more content…

Given the norm across the globe is that workplace comprises both men and women, the redresses of the concern of the group are critical for organizations to ascertain success. As noted, the need to adopt programs that encourage women to breastfeed at the workplace is becoming essential as an administrative requirement as well as a legal obligation. The practice is gaining attention because it affects the overall productivity of the employees as well as interrelated developments in the society (Cardenas, & Major, 2005). The adoption of lactation programs also improves the relationship between mother and child thus alleviating the stresses that might affect the performance of the individual at the workplace. The feeling of consideration by the management also improves the relationship between the mothers of the child and the fathers, which translates to overall progress in organizations having parenting employees. The physical health of the parents, as well as that of the child, also improves. However, the ascertainment of the balance in the formulation of a program is not an easy task. It is on this premise that the report recommends the steps for addressing the concern.
At first, for companies in the US, it is advisable that organizations formulate a policy that corroborates to the Fair Labor Standards Act to ensure that employees can fulfill obligations such as breastfeeding while performing duties

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