Leadership Analysis: Hilton Worldwide Leadership

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The leading concept from management process is the ability to direct and motivate other lower-line employees toward the progress of achieving organizational goals. The managerial line of an organization should have themselves occupied with high leadership skills; this will motivate workers to put more effort on their respective jobs, hence these will increase productivity and earn profits. Hilton has applied Hilton Worldwide Leadership as their leading strategy for success organizational goals. The founder of Hilton Hotels, Conrad Hilton was a great and visionary leader who referred as “the inn keeper of the world” and his values still applied on the current leadership practices at Hilton. Hilton Worldwide President and Chief Executive Officer (CEO), Christopher J. Nassetta has been recognized as the CEO of the Year at the year of 2014 for his remarkable approach to motivational leadership style (Washington Business Journal, 2014). Nassetta said that practical approach is another important aspect of leadership at Hilton. For example, an initiative known as immersion, he stated that …show more content…

RevPAR (specific for hotel industry) is calculated by multiplying a hotel's average daily room rate (ADR) by its occupancy rate (Hilton Annual Report, 2017). Top management from Hilton assumed that the management of hotels and properties formed a major relaunched into the market within a year. Hilton took decision to convert all Locally Negotiate Rates (LNR) contracts and signed on over one million dollars in groups and new accounts. The property grew RevPAR and market share annually. As a result, Hilton achieved RevPAR growth of 39.7% and 56.6% in gross operating profit (GOP) during the first three years of operation (Hilton Management Services, Growing RevPAR & Market Share,

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