Leadership Between Governing A Nation And Organizing A Book Club

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Leadership is an important topic to every organization, society, or group of people with a goal of accomplishing something. Whether it is a world super power nation or a book club, elements of leadership play a role in achieving or not achieving objectives. There are definitely some differences between governing a nation and organizing a book club, but the point is leadership and leaders influence almost every aspect our lives. There are countless descriptions of leadership types, characteristics, and philosophies of what makes a leader successful. To discuss leadership, it is useful to define the term. According to the dictionary, a leader is a person who manages or controls (Cambridge Dictionary, 2015). There are many cases where…show more content…
By combining the two definitions, good leadership could be adequately defined as a non-coercive act or process by which an individual motivates others to take action that will result in the accomplishment of objectives. A good leader is an individual who can accomplish this process. The question of how a leader accomplishes the task of leading well can be examined by how well he or she is able to lead according to the aforementioned definition. In order to do this, the leader must always be motivated by two things- accomplishing the objective and fostering a values based organizational culture that motivates the members to want to stay in the organization. In short, a good leader can get his or her organization to do it right and do it well. In order for an organization to do it right, a good leader must influence the organizational culture in order to instill the values he or she hopes to see manifested through the actions of the entire group. A leader can be the most influential member of the organization, playing an especially large role in determining the climate of an organization, which is the visible part of culture (Schein, 2010). The organizational climate is important because it shapes the members’ perception
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