Leadership Between Governing A Nation And Organizing A Book Club

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Leadership is an important topic to every organization, society, or group of people with a goal of accomplishing something. Whether it is a world super power nation or a book club, elements of leadership play a role in achieving or not achieving objectives. There are definitely some differences between governing a nation and organizing a book club, but the point is leadership and leaders influence almost every aspect our lives. There are countless descriptions of leadership types, characteristics, and philosophies of what makes a leader successful. To discuss leadership, it is useful to define the term. According to the dictionary, a leader is a person who manages or controls (Cambridge Dictionary, 2015). There are many cases where this definition is sufficient, quite possibly in the case of the book club. However, most organizations hope its leaders do more than that. Arguably, most organizations seek individuals who provide good leadership. One definition of leadership that is close is “an act of motivating people to act by non-coercive means” (Popper & Lipshitz, 1993). The important aspects of this definition, which get us close to a definition of good leadership, include motivating others to act and emphasizing non-coercive as a way to do so. Unfortunately, this definition fails to address the end state of the action. Success is ultimately the goal of any leader; therefore any definition must include something about it. Yukl’s (2013) definition described…
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