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INDM 4260 – Organizational Dynamics Graduate Research Paper Devender Reddy Mada University of Central Missouri Table of Contents Abstract 03 Introduction 04 Summary of Leadership ideas and philosophies from my readings 04 Definition of Leadership 05 My Ideal Leaders 06 Leadership Traits 07 Leadership Styles 08 My Goals 09 Achieving my Goals 09 Improvements 10 Conclusion 11 References 12 Abstract Leadership is defined as "organizing a group of people to achieve a common goal". Leadership is considered as an important aspect in many areas such as business organizations, politics, and sports and in many other fields. This research paper…show more content…
Group members will work more effectively when they have good relationship with their leaders. In most of the cases leadership skills are acquired by experience, this experience might be one’s own or might be others. There is no example of born leaders to my knowledge. Every great and successful leader will have an ideal leader from whom they develop their ideology and philosophy of leadership. Hence I believe, to become a great leader, we must also be a great follower. Summary of Leadership ideas and philosophies from my readings To my knowledge there are many types of leadership styles. From my readings, according to Douglas McGregor, leadership styles are of two types based on their attitude about followers. They are Theory X or autocratic and Theory Y or participative. Theory X or Autocratic leaders are someone who use the power they have acquired by their rank, knowledge, skills to reward or punish workers. They are very commanding and they will give orders and assume that group members will respond obediently. Theory Y or participative leadership style involves sharing of group members ideas in decision making unlike the Theory X leaders. Theory Y leaders are less authoritative and commanding; they are more concerned with the group interrelationships as well as with getting the job done. But I believe leaders should not have one leadership style in particular. They should
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