Leadership: Rebecca Demonstrates The Abilitywill Effectively

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Leadership: Rebecca demonstrates the ability will effectively communicate with co-workers peers in order to achieve the goal of the units goals. She will continue to exhibit confidence in herself and while promotinge harmony and teamwork. Problem Solving/Judgment: Rebecca will exhaust utilize all avenues resources prior to asking for assistance from her solving problems before going to her supervisor. She will continue to display self-confidence and make independent decisions. Initiative: Rebecca will demonstrate the ability to accomplish assignments independently by utilizing the all available resources including the Standard Operating Procedure (SOP) manual and/or any additional notes to perform all assigned tasks. …show more content…

Interpersonal Skills: Rebecca will continue to demonstrates the ability to get along and help her coworkers as a Quality Assurance Analyst II. Rebecca will continue to abide by the rules and guidelines outlined in the General Manual and adhere to the Professional Policy- Ten General Orders 06.10.00, Courtesy Policy 05.17.00 and the Crime Records Service (CRS) Policies and Guidelines at all times. Stress Tolerance: Rebecca remains calm and professional when faced with tight deadlines. She will continue to effectively cope with stress of demanding duties. Goals: Rebecca will continue to engage in active listening and exhibit professional and appropriate communications in all situations. Job Knowledge and Execution: Rebecca 's position was reclassified to Quality Assurance Analyst II on December 5, 2016. Rebecca will held to higher standards and will expected to meet all performance standards. Rebecca will continue to gain knowledge through continuous study of all job duties. Rebecca was trained on how to process Nondisclosures, how to type Expunction Memos, search Deceased and 3rd Party Expunctions. Planning and Organizing: Rebecca will demonstrate the ability to plan, organize and complete tasks in the shortest, most efficient manner. Analytical Reasoning/Attention to Detail: Rebecca needs to be better able to break

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