Leadership Theory Vs. Leadership

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Leadership Theory versus Leadership Practice can be compared to as two whole different worlds. Leadership Theories are explained and built in an imaginary world by taking few real life factors that might affect decision making of a leader. Whereas leader ship in practice is decision making of a leader in an unpredictable world. This paper is all about the compare and contrasts between Leadership Theory versus Leadership Practice, give my personal opinion on this topic and come to a conclusion if Leadership Theory and Leadership Practice are same always or they are different sometimes. According to Lussier and Achua (2012) there is a leader in everyone and everyone plays a role of a leader. In practical life you are a leader for your life. There are hundreds of fine studies and theories are produced for the past multiple decades which studies the leadership styles, their traits and sorting procedures for an understanding of your personal traits and leadership style. These studies and theories are of a huge importance for a self as well as for an organization. For self, according to me these studies gives valuable information on yourself traits, know more about you and your hidden talents. This will be a huge help in improving your positives and your strengths and also correcting your negatives and your weaknesses. Coming to an organization, these studies and tools are like a power shields for the Human resources team and the management team to hire a new employee or promote a
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