Leadership Theory Vs. Transactional Leadership

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Leadership and the study of it date back to the beginning of civilization and interest in the field remains high. Leadership theory has historically evolved from its early focus on Great Man (Lincoln, Caesar, Churchill and Gandhi) and trait theory to the modern studies of leadership effectiveness approaches. Several theories have been framed to explain leadership effectiveness.
The two of the most popular leadership theories are Transformational and Transactional leadership types. Even though most authors agree that Transactional and Transformational leadership are different in theory and practice, many authors believe that transformational leadership significantly supplements transactional leadership, resulting in higher levels of individual, team, and organizational performance (Bass & Avolio, 1994). Other authors believe that Transactional leadership is a subset of transformational leadership (Weihrich et al, 2008).
The objective of this critique paper is to provide analysis of the two leadership styles, comparing, contrasting them and outlining weaknesses of each method, illustrating them with personal experience examples where applicable.
Transactional Leadership also known as conventional leadership or simply “management” is a concept that was first explored in the socio-economic context by Weber (1947) and subsequently adopted by other researchers. This leadership style focuses on the principles of exchange between the managers and employees who take
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