Leading Managing Change

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Leading and Managing Change is important. Leaders should be always be prepared to address the changes when needed. Things can change any second, people need a leader who can advocate change smoothly without any abruptions. Like said in (Lussier, R. N., & Achua, C. F. 2013 Chapter 11 Pg. 395) in this era where things are very competitive and complicated, strategist should respond quickly to the changing marketing needs. Mr. Barack Obama as the president of United States keep himself well informed with the market situations and respond whenever needed. Like mentioned in (Lussier, R. N., & Achua, C. F. 2013 Chapter 11 Pg. 395) leaders belonging to any organization of any part of the world have the responsibility to…show more content…
The eight stages of leading change is described in (Kotter, J. P. 2012 Chapter 2 Pg., 19). First stage is to develop the need for change in the organization, to develop the sense of urgency, making people familiar with it. Second stage is to build a guiding coalition, people who will support the change and will help the leader to implement the change successfully. Third stage is to create a vision, fourth is to communicate the vision, and fifth is to remove any obstacle that blocks the vision. Sixth stage is to recognize and celebrate small accomplishments. Seventh stage is to sustain acceleration of change and Eighth stage is to use new approaches to the…show more content…
I could certainly put forward the plan to my managers and they can push it forward to the top management team. As a part of a cross functional team this gives me more motivation to suggest a change and also see the change being implemented. Bringing this change will not only increase the sales of our product but will also increase our market share, making us standout than our competitors. I really liked the idea of life long learner mentioned in (Kotter, J. P. 2012 Chapter 12), it is important to be a lifelong learner. The qualities of a lifelong learners are the following:
1. Risk taking
2. Unbiased and honest assessment
3. Collection of information and knowledge
4. Good Listening Skills
5. Appreciates new ideas I would certainly like to apply all these qualities in myself. It is difficult to implement these qualities in real time scenarios but like it is said practice makes man perfect and individuals can become good leaders with practicing these habits. Imbibing these qualities will not only shape me as a good leader but will also make me a good human
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