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LEARNING COMPETENCIES ENGLISH III LISTENING 1. Shift from one listening strategy to another depending on the text and one¶s purpose for listening 1.1 Use attentive listening with informative texts and analytical and critical listening with argumentative texts 1.2 Single out reasons cited in argumentative texts and assess the worth of ideas presented based on a set of criteria 1.2.1 Determine whether arguments and conclusions are logical or illogical 1.2.2 Determine the stand of a speaker on a given issue 1.2.3 Determine the assumptions underlying the arguments of a speaker 1.2.4 Pick out discrepancies and inconsistencies in supporting ideas 1.2.5 Determine the effectiveness of closing statements in arguments 1.3 Determine…show more content…
(e.g. plays, movies, etc.) in journal entries, reviews 6.3 Prepare survey forms 6.4 Make a write-up of survey results 6.5 Write a library research paper on a national issue LITERATURE 1. Demonstrate understanding and appreciation of varied genres focusing on the contributions of British and American literature (i.e. sonnets, short stories, etc.) 1.1 Note the form and functions of different types and subtypes of literary texts 1.1.1 Point out relationships of time, place, cause-effect, general concepts, examples, analogy, etc. used by the writer to underscore the theme of the selection 1.1.2 Point out the sequencing of details and account for such sequencing 1.2 Trace the development of character and conflict in narratives and dramas, and discuss the devices used to achieve unity of effect 1.3 Differentiate comedy from tragedy, and formal from informal essays 1.3.1 Determine the objective of the author and the means employed to attain them 1.4 Explain the use of dramatic devices 1.5. Single out the devices employed in fiction and non-fiction works (foreshadowing, flashbacks,
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