Lenovo : A Global Leader

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Lenovo was founded in Beijing in 1984, which is a global leader in PC companies. It is made up of the original Lenovo group and the original IBM PC division. Lenovo is one of the world 's top 500 companies, its turnover is up to $46000000000. In addition, it is the leader of world 's consumer and enterprise innovation technology.
Lenovo 's global headquarters is located in Beijing, China and Rowley, the United States. Manufacturing and logistics base are mainly located in China, Mexico, the United States, India, Malaysia, Japan and Australia.
Lenovo company mainly research, develop and sell notebook computer, all-in-one PC, desktop computers, tablets, smart phones, mobile Internet, server and storage, scanner, print and supplies, projectors, digital products, computer peripherals, intelligent television and services products.
There were only 11 people when Lenovo was founded in 1984. The work division of early operation was simpler, under the leadership of the general manager, it set up a small scale of technology development department, engineering department, financial office, business department. Staff and department work to meet the need of the market. Power is highly concentrated in entrepreneurs, there is no clear management level, the general manager directly directs all business activities. This can maintain the organization 's flexibility and help company make quick decisions. Over the next few years, Lenovo has adjusted the organization structure for many times.
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