Library Support Activities : The Friends Of The Library

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● Library support activities – The Friends of the Library (FOLL) and Library Foundation will have a dedicated space to be used as storage and workspace. With the increased storage, FOLL will have dedicated space to sort and store books donated for their annual sales.

FOLL will be able to hold their book sales in the Library’s Program space or on the Green in front of the Library in nice weather instead of renting the Meeting House down the street for their sales. This will bring more community members into the Library and eliminate the labor-intensive transport of material by volunteers.

D. Is the project ADA compliant? X Yes ☐No

No Architectural Access Board waivers are required.

E. Parking

There will be a total of 69
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More of the Library’s parcel and more of the tract of town land remaining with the golf course would be consumed for parking. The aim is have as little asphalt as possible while achieving design and use purposes.

In the winter months, snow will be pushed to the left rear of the building, where an access road will need to be designed and created for fire truck access. It is along the edges of this road and to the side of the Town sides of the lot that parking lot that snow will be plowed.

F. Proposed path of travel from the parking to the building entrance

To enter the building from the parking lot patrons will follow a sidewalk to the front entrance of the Library. This path will not contain any stairs and the patrons will not need to cross any streets.

G. What portion of the parking is dedicated to Library use only?

See the description provided in Section 3 D. above.

H. Energy-efficiency and environmental sustainability features

The building has been designed to attain Silver LEED certification by the U.S. Green Building Council. The current LEED Project Scorecard projected is contained in Appendix M.

With the rear of the building consisting primarily of glass and southwestern exposure, accounting for sun will be a consideration in design to ensure that any potential problems are mitigated in advance. Our
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