Life Long Learner Approach For Teaching

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Having believed in life long learner approach, every now and then I have learned from others at numerous instances. Before CELTA, teaching was just a mundane practice for me. I was very much an average teacher and barely try to link with any student. Throughout this whole learning process, I have enjoyed learning through edutainment, a blend of education and entertainment that enhance learning tremendously. The guidance and assistance given by my mentors are still working exquisitely; for certain it was a magnum opus. CELTA reformed my teaching practice; I am on the crest of a wave since then.

Besides, every teacher can narrate numerous highs and lows in their teaching career. Personally, I experienced many great moments while teaching. Over my last 8 years of teaching and working in education, one event stands above the rest as my absolute best teaching experience. Through the years, I learned so much about teaching and dealing with students. Recently I graduated with TESL Ontario and TESL Canada from Canadian College of Educators, Canada.

Today TESL (Teaching English as a Second Language) plays an imperative role in Canada. TESL Canada National Certification Standards for Instructors of English as a Second Language or Foreign Language in Adult Programs were developed for instructors trained in Canada - an obligation in today’s ESL or educational world. By all odds, education system has developed more and more than the previous times and it is one of the leading systems

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