List And Explanation Of Activities

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3. List and Explanation of Activities

All activities have been adapted from Sport New Zealand

• 18 balls (3 large, 5 small, 5 foam, 5 football/soccer)
• 50 milk cartons filled with sand
• 8 timers/whistles
• 5 envelopes
• 1 bucket
• 14-marker cones/marking tape
• 5 hoops
• 8 first aid kits
• Sunscreen

Warm-ups (10 minutes)
The warm up will help the students prepare their bodies for more vigorous physical activity (Landy, 1999). Students will be lead through a series of stretches (stretching hamstrings) and quick cardio boosts (running on the spot).

Activity One - Catching
Students will form a circle. The ball will start off being thrown or …show more content…

Once five minutes lapses groups will swap balls. The aim of this activity is to challenge the students to demonstrate the correct FMS of kicking to score as many goals (ACPMP044), whilst realising the importance of good movement sequences (ACPMP047).

Activity Three - Rolling
10 skittles (milk cartons filled with sand) are arranged in a 10-pin formation. Students work in pairs where one student rolls a small ball towards the skittles, whilst the other student replaces the skittles as they are knocked over and calls the score. Students will swap positions after each turn. This activity promotes the FMS of rolling (ACPMP044) where students demonstrate accuracy in their movement pathways (ACPMP047) and begin to understand rules when completing physical activities (ACPMP048).

Variations: Skittles and distance can be increased or decreased

Activity Four - “You’ve got Mail” (Running, leaping, jumping, throwing)
Partition a 4-meter square. Form two groups labeled email team and virus team. One email member individually each email team member (envelopes in hands) runs through the area to deliver the message to the computer screen (bucket). Whilst the virus team (foam balls), aims to hit the runner below the waist. If the virus team is hit by the email team they stand frozen on the spot whilst the next runner tries to get through the email team. The aim of the activity is to see how many emails can be

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