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From the various sources reviewed, there was no literature available on the HSSF fund’s management system influence on the control of HIV/AIDs in Sabatia Sub County, Kenya. Thus, this study endeavors to fill the following knowledge gaps i.e. determine the influence of the roles of the various management teams at National, Sub-county and Health facility levels in respect to the Control of HIV/AIDS in Sabatia sub-county, establish the influence of the functions of the HSSF fund in respect to the control of HIV/AIDS in Sabatia Sub county and investigate the influence of the challenges of the management system of the HSSF fund in respect to the Control of HIV/AIDS in Sabatia sub county. This chapter will focus on : research …show more content…

The study will target all the 93 medical staffs which include Sub county officials and staffs from the 8 Health Facilities in the sub-county as tabulated below; This study will select respondents using simple random sampling technique. This will ensure that all people have equal chances of participating in the study. The sample to be selected should be in such a way that it is as representative as possible of the population to allow for generalization. The sample will be selected in a way that it will be as representative as possible to allow for generalization (Kabiru, 2009). Thus, this study shall rely on Kalinger’s (1973) recommendation of 30% of the accessible population as the sample size for participants as computed below; The researcher will use questionnaires and Focused Group Discussions as instruments of data collection for this study. These instruments will seek to collect data to answer all the objectives of the study. They will also seek the attitudes of the respondents towards the management system of HSSF and its influence on the control of HIV/AIDS in Sabatia sub-county. Questionnaires are written questions which will be given directly to respondents to answer on their own. They will be both closed and open

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