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I had very little to complain about with living the good life. I had very little to complain about with getting whatever I wanted. I had very little to complain about having the guy of my dreams wanting to marry me. Unfortunately, I had several things to complain about! I didn’t know how to put the right words together and not sound like some spoiled brat or some overly pampered princess. Well, I was about to be a princess and it was the pampering where most of my complaints came from. I was not some little girl who needed help to get dressed every morning and told how my day was planned out to the second. Every morning I woke to the sound of footsteps, then someone pulling back the drapes covering the windows, the smell of …show more content…

Next came was a large cloth for my lap, a small bed table with legs, and a covered tray that normally had something light for me to eat and tea or hot chocolate to drink. Once I was finished, the doctor and his staff would arrive for my morning checkup. Once he gave his approval, I was allowed to get dressed, and that was another nightmare. There were normally six to ten maids holding up different expensive outfits depending on what the doctors would allow for the day. It was either fresh pajamas, robes and slippers or clothes that easily make any girl swoon for me to choose from and it would happen to be the first time they had done this that I would rebel and yell for them to just put one of them on my bed and get out. My mother was standing in the doorway when head maid Erna said smugly that I was not behaving like a proper princess, it was her attempt to give me what I want in her own way. I was very thankful that my mother didn’t pick up her real meaning, but she did tell me to get use to this, because this way how people like Dale and his parents lived. I complaining about having to listen to my daily schedule as these women dress I like a child who didn’t know how to tie their own shoes, and having a team of women doing my hair and makeup fell on deaf ears. All I was told that it would come easier in time. And, a jitterbug is an actual

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