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I made him proud. It wasn’t the type of proud where you bring home a good grade; no, it was more of an awe type of proud. It was a challenge to make him proud due to my ambiance, and the people who occupied it. If I told you I had a bad childhood, I wouldn’t only be lying but simply undermining my pride that I developed growing up there. I was constructed in paradise, and by paradise I mean the place you fantasize about vacationing every spring break. 26 miles long, and exactly 6 miles to be exact. Overcoming obstacles came with two factors, me being the only girl in the family, and the idea that my family pursued, which was boys did the better things like, fishing. My paradise may have been limited, but it implemented the principles that I apply to my everyday life and shaped me into the young girl I am today.
I remember that day. The pernicious sun beating against my cheeks, my father waking up us with his hands pressed on his lips mocking the sound of the military trumpet at exactly 6 am. My brother had already had a head start preparing the boat, and applying the trailer to the truck. I thought to myself it was okay because I would have caught my first fish, bigger and better than he did. I risked being careful, and getting into the water itself was more satisfying than the hot sun against the cool water. I waited, building anticipation and then, we reached our spot. The water that day was clear, radiant and if you stare at the bottom for too long you thought to

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