Luke Lucas 's Design And Typography At The Sydney School Of Art Diploma

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Luke Lucas went to university for graphic design and typography at the Melbourne School of Art Diploma. At first when Luke and his best friend where teenages they started a magazine called Forinarow. As years went by Luke then moved to start a different magazine advertising he own pieces of art. Over the last few years Luke has been working as an expert with majority of his work coming from people overseas. Most of the communication that Luke does with his clients is done over Skype calls or emails. His works have been shown worldwide in many different countries. Luke tools vary on the design brief that he uses. He normally lightly sketches his ideas and plans on paper. Depending on the project he is working on the final plan may be done …show more content…

The magazine has been published worldwide, going to 14 countries. Luke was also the founder and creative director of Lifelounge and he designed 2 covers of New York 's best selling author, Lauren Kate, the books were called Tear Drop and Water Fall. Luke was born on december the 14th in 1975 and he is now 41 years old. He grew up spending most of his time in the northern beaches of sydney but now he has moved to melbourne and spent most of his time living and working there with his new, growing family. In 2011, Luke was still working for magazines riding skateboards but then at that time Luke and his wife has their first child. Luke made the decision to quit skateboarding for magazines and spend more time with his family and start a full time freelance career on typography, which he loved doing and was very passionate about. Design Process: Luke’s design process normally starts off with a brief with 20 pages of words and sometimes just a bunch of pictures. He starts with talking to the clients to see what they would like the design to look like. Luke then creates a few different styles that he can take to the clients to see which they like the best. He does this by just doing really loose sketches for ideas he 's going to make so he can roughly understand what he has to do. Then he will start to adjust and improve it by tracing it to make it better, vectorizing it and refine it. The vector draft is to show

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