Lung Cancer (Non Small Cell)

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Lung cancer (non small cell)


Lung cancer is one of the most common cancers in developed countries. Normally, our cells grow and multiply, as and when the body needs it. In lung cancer (as in other types of cancer), some cells may be damaged so as to start to grow and reproduce uncontrollably and, in most cases, faster than the normal cells. Lung cancer non-small cell (NSCLC) is the most common type of lung cancer and affects about eight out of 10 patients with the disease.


NSCLC is caused by small round cells that form polypoid prominences, usually in the larger airways. It is very rare in non-smokers. The cells of this type of lung cancer divide and multiply very rapidly, to the point that they are often already arrived to affect the lymph nodes and / or other organs of the body at the time of diagnosis
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tumor size: the larger tumors are often more difficult to treat;
2. location of the tumor: If the tumor is very close to the windpipe, major blood vessels or another vital structure, curative treatment may be difficult;
3. tumor stage: to define a number of tests are performed;
4. type of tumor (eg. small cell or non-small cell): therapy changes depending on the tumor type.

Chemotherapy is the general term to indicate the treatment with the use of drugs. Ideally, they should kill cancer cells without harming normal cells. There are several types of chemotherapeutic agents that can be used alone or, more commonly, in combination. Patients with different types of lung cancer usually receive different combinations of chemotherapy.

Radiotherapy is the general term to indicate the treatment with the use of x-rays. The tumor area that requires therapy is treated with high-energy beams painless. The radiotherapy kills cancer cells and can be used either alone or in combination with surgery and / or chemotherapy.


If you’re a chain smoker or even like to smoke occasionally, this is the time to quit. Moreover, avoid second hand
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