Lung Cancer : The Number Of Diagnostics And Deaths Of Cancer

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Lung cancer leads with both the number of diagnostics and deaths of cancer. Although it is typically caused by smoking, Lauren developed lung cancer because of the harmful chemicals and radiation that she was exposed to on a daily basis. She began to experience a cough that would not go away, chest pain, wheezing, shortness of breath, and even coughing up bloody phlegm. Some patients are lucky. Cancer is caught in the first or second stage, but because the symptoms are not common or regular until a later stage, it sometimes goes undetected until it is too late. Lauren was diagnosed with stage 3 because she was unable to detect any problems early on. In Jane E. Brody’s article, “Screening, and Enabling, Smokers” she interviewed Dr. Russell P. Harris, who stated, “’At best,’ he said, ‘screening might reduce lung cancer deaths by 8,000 a year. But in the year 2000 alone, smoking cessation reduced lung cancer deaths by 70,000’” (Brody 1). Cancer is not a death sentence, and one can often prevent it from developing in extremely simple ways. If it is not prevented, cancer patients go through a number of symptoms that drastically affect their life, and their loved ones’ lives. The first symptom begins with drowsiness and loss of energy.
Cancer takes a toll on the body. Fatigue is extreme tiredness and drowsiness, and is caused by activities that require an abundant amount of energy to participate in and to heal from. In this case, chemotherapy is an extremely tiring treatment,

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