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Global Marketing and Communication
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Week 1
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Instructions on Assessment:

The assessment is in two parts:

Group seminar presentations contribute to 30% of the overall mark

The individual assignment contributes to 70% of the overall mark

Seminar activities (30%)

Students will work in small groups within their seminar and make two assessed presentations on their chosen global brand. Further information on the seminar activities is detailed separately.

Final Individual assignment (70%)

The individual assignment is based on the development of a marketing communications plan for the launch of a product/brand of your choice (ideally taken from any of the brands from
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Excessive use of an appendix for material which should be included ion the body will be penalised.

Students writing in essay format will be penalised.

(Some basic instruction if required here)

Important note about ARNA regulations

The regulations specify that students must complete every assessment component contributing to the modules on their programme. This applies to all forms of assessment as defined in the module descriptor. Please note that:

if any assessment component is not completed, students will be failed in the module even if the module pass mark has been achieved; if the requirements for referral specified in section 5 of ARNA1 are met, a resit opportunity will be given; if unable to complete an assessment component because of extenuating circumstances, students should follow the procedure described in the Student Guide to Extenuating Circumstances1.

This change was approved by Academic Board on 12 October 2009 in consultation with the Students’ Union. Students should consult their Programme Leader or Guidance Tutor if they have any queries. Independent advice and support is also available from the Students’ Union Advice & Representation Centre ( or from a student adviser in Student Services.

1ARNA and the Student Guide to Extenuating Circumstances
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