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Malard Manufacturing Company
1. The balance of the structure in Malard Manufacturing is very flat and horizontal, and basically has very little vertical structure at all. Julie Crandell who is the executive vice president, likes to keep very tight control among the organisation in which she controls. Julie demands that department managers check with her before any significant decision are made or changed, by doing this Julie has made her span of control too big for her to handle in the due time she has to complete it by, it's become very difficult for Julie as she has to deal with new inexperienced department managers, who are becoming uncommunicative and frustrated with each other.

Vertical organisational structure means a strict top …show more content…

Staff within departments would sometimes have a greater knowledge of the product their producing and would then be able to make better choices and decisions then say Julie, there for this approach would suit the organisation better then all ways lining up to see Julie for her advice and approval, which may take a long time as Julie had little time to oversee everything with her centralised approach.

Another approach Julie could take would be to hire a personal assistant. As Julie is a person that has so much on her plate for example, scheduling management meetings, answering phone calls, dropping letters off to the post office and checking her schedule, as well as many more other duties. These errands could all be done by anyone else like a personal assistant therefore saving Julie precious time so she can concentrate on more important tasks then organising meetings and writing up reports.
3. Julie has made a wrong choice by choosing to go with the centralised decision making structure, instead she needs to find a more appropriate structure that will be able to deliver and suit the companies desired outcome in the time line they have set for the new product. This structure will need to be decentralised, so decisions are made quicker and more accurate as Julie may not have quite well an understanding of the product then say the department manager. A team based approach is what I personally think Julie should use for the development of

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