Malincho Case

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Malincho Case Study Analysis
By: Faraz, Jadee and AmbreenProfessor: Tobar Byron
Subject: International Strategic Management (BMI703)
Date: 09/ 08/ 2014 Table of contents
Executive summary the Problem/Opportunity the Organization’s current mission, goals and strategies the company 's internal strengths and weakness (SWOT analysis) recommendation Selected recommendation
Action Plan
Executive summary:
Kalin is a Bulgarian entrepreneur. He tried to establish a business from a scratch. This case is about a start up business and challenges arising out of a new business.Kalin were an inexperience entrepreneur but his determination led him to success, starting with scares resources. Kalin a
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Malincho needs to recognize a demand for new products and acquire them to meet customer 's needs. They must seek out new products to expand their stock and provide consumers with alternative items.
Action Plan:
Malincho need to expand their product line, and in order to do this, they have to first find out what they are. Once they have identified the products, they have to allocate a budget for these new products. Then they have to find a vendor who supplies these products. The products have to be of good quality and can be bought at a reasonable price. Prices need to be compared from different vendors in order to insure the best cost. If the cost of purchase is low then that product can be sold at a lower price.
As new products are introduced, it is important to implement them into the current system. This system can be an ERP system or a manual system. New products have to be put on the list so that management can keep track of the products sold. Storage space need to be allocated for the new products so that they can be retrieved from that location once an order has been placed.
Kalin has established a good business that is not only providing consumers with the products they want but also at a reasonable price. Since the project started, Kalin showed initiative by offering the product to customers based on trust. The products were
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