Manage Personal Work Priorities And Professional Development Essay

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Manage Personal Work Priorities and Professional Development
Assessment 2
1. Choose a management level ‘aspired job’ that you aspire at your workplace. This can be a supervisor or manager position in your department or work organisation.
I am working as sale supervisor which is responsible for all South regions in Vietnam at KDK Company. The KDK was founded by Japanese named Kawakita Denki Kigyoussha. Our products are the electric Fans, Ventilating Fan and Ceiling Fans.

Part A: (appendix 1 & 2)
(a). Perform a personal SWOT analysis (see Appendix 1) to evaluate your current work performance and work environment to determine skill gaps and potential pathways to achieve this professional development goal.
• What advantages do you have: skills, qualifications, experience, networks?
- Having two years’ experience in this field as sale supervisor.
- To participate the meetings of how to deal with difficult customers.
- Taking certificate of communication skills course
• What do you do really well?
- Getting new customers for a long term business relationship.
- Retaining current customers and making them as the loyal long term customers.
- Always turn the difficult situations into the business opportunities.
• What personal resources can you access?
- Free from any debts and have some personal savings.
- Getting consultants of marketing field from the friends and other partners.
- Having free time in the evening every working days and at the whole weekend

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