Management Concepts: The Communication Process

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During the Lego group exercise, we applied our managerial knowledge that we learned throughout the course to perform the Lego tasks. However there are several weaknesses I found afterward, which cause the failure in our group performance. First let’s examine our team structure and characteristics. Team size is very important aspect for forming a effective team. Generally, the ideal team size would be seven people. A team with too many members will cause too many conflicts and disagreement and then prevent group from making efficient decisions. On the other hand, a small team with only few members could not generate enough creative ideas for the problems even though smaller team can keep harmony. In my team, we only have four members in total, so we certainly show a lot of agreements among us, however, we are also lack of necessary conflicts that help to generate best decision to solve the problem.
Another important aspect for team structure is the member roles. Two common types of member roles are task specialist role and social-emotional role. When members adopt the former one, people will help the team to reach its goal and achieve the accomplishment. However, for the socio-emotional role, people will put more emphasis on supporting team members’ emotional needs by encouraging, harmonizing, compromising the teams. In our team, my team members including me are more tend to adopt social-emotional role, we all tend to follow the group decision and no one really argue for

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